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After many years with mainly Industrial/EBM concerts goes Club Braincorp. for a change in a another direction as we have booked a show with the legendary English New Wave/Dark Wave band And Also The Trees who is finally back in Denmark and Copenhagen after nearly 20 years of abscence.

We recommend you to buy tickets in advance as this will be the only gig in Scandinavia and it´s the first one in nearly 20 years!

And Also The Trees:
When And Also The Trees finally returns to Denmark, it is an exclusive chance to experience a rare performance from the British band as it has been almost two decades since The Trees last played on Danish soil.

And Also The Trees started out in 1979, played support for The Cure in the early 80's and even had their self-titled debut album produced by The Cure's Laurence "Lol" Tolhurst. From the post-punk period and onwards they have constantly been able to develope their own unique sound and to stay around for more than 30 years.

After the debut album with the classic "So this is silence" The Trees have had different chapters in their carriere.

The first chapter spanning from "Virus meadow" in '86 with the epic title track over "The millpound years" from '88 with "The house of the heart" and "Farewell to the shade" '89 with "Prince Rupert" to "Green is the sea" in '91 with the instrumental piece "Tremendous risk for Mr. Ferdico" they conquered Europe with Simon Huw jones (Vocals) behind the wheel.

Chapter two showed another side of the trees with their next 3 albums (The Klaxon, Angelfish and silver soul) where the 50's beat influence dominates. "Fighting in a lighthouse", an almost Batman-like theme captures this well.
The next chapter showed The Trees in their usual style with Justin Jones's (Guitar) swirling soundscapes, the tight bass by Steven Burrows (Bass) and the even tighter drums by Paul Hill (Drums) on the 2003 album "Further from the truth". The track "The untangled man" collects all this perfectly. And also the trees could celebrate their 25th year anniversary with the release of a compilation album covering their work from 1980-2005 and a performance at the Wave-gotik treffen. In 2007 Ian Jenkins (double bass) and Emer Brizzolara (keyboards) joined the band and the next album "(Listen for) the rag and bone man" was released. This time their definition of silence was illustrated in the track "The beautiful silence".

Then came the acoustic chapter where The Trees toured with acoustic versions of their classic hits and released two acoustic albums "When the rains come" and the mini album "Driftwood".

Before the gig in Copenhagen And Also The Trees releases their 12th studio album "Hunter Not The Hunted" and they have switched the power back on. The new chapter is yet unwritten but at the venue Krudttønden the 19th of May you have the chance to be a part of their history...The support band will be confirmed later.
A special thanks to Torben Nielsen for the text!
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