Shiv-R (AUS)
+ DJ Totentanz (US)
+ Resident DJ

Club Braincorp. Presents

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Club Braincorp. Presents:
Shiv-R (AUS) + DJ Totentanz (US) + Resident DJ

The time has come to unveil our last event this spring (we most likely take a break for the summer).

This time we bring you the Australian sensations Shiv-R, who are touring Europe this spring.

Already well established in the scene despite having only been around a few years, Shiv-R are coming to Copenhagen for an exclusive Scandinavian show.

In 2010 Shiv-R unleashed their debut album "Hold My Hand" upon the unsuspecting cyber hordes, and carved a reputation for themselves in Industrial/EBM clubs worldwide, with the huge club hit "The End" and its stunning companion video. In 2011 Shiv-R relased their 2nd album, "This World Erase", and showed that they are a band that the scene needs to take seriously. A month ago Shiv-R
released a new EP, called "Shadow Between Worlds", which includes the hit "Devil´s Night" and features remixes by SAM, Surgyn, Distorted Memory, Skyla Vertex and Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

Here's a chance to see some of the most promising newcomers our scene has spawned. This should be as exciting as when Psyclon Nine played their only Scandinavian show so far, back in May 2007.

DJ Totentanz:
It's an honour for our club to bring one of the most famous American Industrial/EBM DJs to our city.

DJ Totentanz, who frequently tours both North America and Europe, will be playing for the first time in Denmark and in Scandinavia. He is the co-creator of Bassturbation, which takes place quarterly in Gent, Belgium. At home in Philadelphia, he is resident DJ for Vortex Wednesdays, one of largest all-ages alternative weeklies in the US. Internationally, DJ Totentanz has played festivals and clubs in 10 countries, including Kinetik Festival 2012 (Montreal, CA), Resistanz Festival 2012 (Sheffield, UK), Summer Darkness Festival 2011 2012 (Utrecht, NL), WGT 2011 (Leipzig, DE), Vampire Party (Antwerp, BE), Club Pi (Vienna, AT), Cyber Heresy (Bratislava, SK), Dominion (Dublin, IE), Slimelight (London, UK), Club Antichrist (London, UK), Cryotec (Glasgow, UK), I Love Industrial (Philadelphia, PA), Deathwish (Denver, CO), Cybertron (New York City, NY), and many others.