Didium & the Black Bonnie Picture
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Didium & the black bonnie picture
started out in denmark back in 2006 as a 7 piece act with a setup resembling dexies midnight runners' and their characteristic blend of violin and saxophone. members of the band have come and gone throughout the years. the setup however, remains unchanged and gives the band a special style of playing pop music at its best. 24 year old songwriter didium's dark baritone tells stories of loss, loneliness, lust and love with an undercurrent twist of irony giving the stories a life of their own.

The band released their first album in the beginning of 2009 in denmark and the benelux countries. this year their follow up "a valley" will come out worldwide. "a valley" is produced by british producer/engineer paul schroeder (stone roses, talk talk) and comes out in may as the first release on schroeder's own indie record label sureleaf.

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In the cold, rainy autumn of 2008, Johann Kolstrup entered a low-ceilinged, dimly-lit little club. On stage, the lovely Camilla Bang was playing. There was no doubt in his mind that this beautiful, young guitarist and singer was surely going to be musical partner.

Johann Kolstrup has previously worked with Søren Balsner (Carpark North), Asger Tarpgaard (Superheroes and Private) and Jens Søndergaard (Powersolo) in connection with the recording of Johann's former musical project, THIS BOY. Camilla Bang let her hair down at the Calibre 8 theatre and has been singing and playing in a variety of musical constellations. Camilla hadn't previously played her own songs in front of an audience and thus with CAT CAUGHT LARK, it was the first time that they "left home".

The first CAT CAUGHT LARK concert was played at RUST in Copenhagen on December 18, 2008 when the duo received the title "Soundvenue Selected".
On that occasion, Adam Thorsmark from SOUNDVENUE magazine wrote the following: "CAT CAUGHT LARK is a new musical twosome that can put hearts on fire. Armed with a guitar and two highly enthusiastic and light, wafting vocals that compliment each other in a brilliant way, Kolstrup and Bang move toward dreamy terrain - terrain where a cowboy stares at the sunset with his guitar in one hand and his muse in the other. Where we - as the song title "Lean Back" hints - lean back in a soft armchair on the porch in the wild west. In other words, CAT CAUGHT LARK's cozy, laid- back folks radiate warmth and sunshine in the midst of December's meager daylight hours."

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Le cul

The four guys met in the fall of 2007, as dre and maxis, who barely knew each other at the time, decided to make a rock n roll band

In 2008 le cul put out their 8 track mini album "the here's our friend charlie ep" for free downloading on myspace. nobody in denmark wanted to review the ep, but in england it got airplay at bbc radio, got a great review at, and finally le cul were invited to play a series of gigs in the uk in november 2009

Le cul are now working on their debut album "head home through the weeds" which is yet to come out in 2010. the album is engineered and mixed by adam schwarz (flogging molly, lackwagon, pennywise) - subversive productions.

"head home through the weeds" - will be released digitally and on vinyl in the lot of europe, followed by tours in germany, holland, belgium, denmark and the uk in 2010.

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