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We are an established four piece band currently based in Copenhagen/Denmark and are heavily inspired by artists like Jeff Buckley, Queen, The Beatles and David Bowie. During our time as a band, we've developed a sound that could be described as pop/alternative-rock, and which we like to refer to as the place between indie/rock and pop/rock.

We have been a band for three years and have, during that time written 30+ songs, recorded a full length album and played around 50 concerts. We have a strong international following on the Internet, and have been successful in gathering a significant local audience. We are currently in the process of tour-planning in order to promote our newly released debut album. We are looking to expand outside of Denmark, and would therefore like to explore all opportunities to perform at venues and festivals in order to maximize our exposure.

De'Lailas er et semi akustisk band med en kærlighed for det personlige og stemningsfulde musik. De Lailas tager umiddelbart simple kompositioner endevender dem og unders0ger dem, for alt hvad de gemmer af musikalske muligheder - uden dog at miste det enkle og ærlige udtryk, som er sangenes essens.

Guardians we are
Guardians we are er et rockband med base i København. De er inspireret af bands som Deep Purple og The Cure og er tidligere blevet beskrevet som et frontalt sammenstød mellem The Cardigans og The Doors. De tager brug af gode klassiske lyde og riffs som er forstærket af en stærk forsangerinde og hammondorgel.

LSD on CIA is a three-piece monster, located in the heart of Copenhagen, DK. The songs are written in the trash, with hedonistic hearts, and expressed on stage with impulsive minds and a strong will to shock the crowd. Whilst collaborating with provocative artists, and performing in theatre plays, LSD on CIA has been travelling around Europe non-stop for two years, setting the bar for how great an impact, something as simple as a concert can have on a set of ears. With more energy than an atomic power plant, you would be able to sell all this energy to the government. But screw the government; believe in the thrashy testosterone trinity. Vote for LSD on CIA.

Alternativ/melodisk rock
Omoreka is a four-piece melodic Alternative Rock band fronted by producer Peter Lehmann. Edgy and creative music made with passion and heart. And make sure you don't miss out on the lyrics - they might just change your day! Omoreka's big smiles rubs off on you! Any live performance is a party that allows each and everyone to keep the humor intact and the passion high, as Omoreka delivers a great musical live performance and joyful experience.