Cryo (S)
Kopfer Kat (S)

Club Braincorp.

Lør 12 Apr KL 22:00 EntrÉ 100 kr
Entrance 80 dkk + fee at
100 dkk at the doors.

Club Braincorp. Presents:
9 Year Anniversary Party Feat:
Cryo (S)
Kopfer Kat (S)

+ Resident DJ´s Orlando & DJ Brain

Braincorp parties are a tradition that has been going on for almost a whole decade. In April it will be 9 years already since we held our very first event at Templet, Lyngby, where E-Craft and Terrorfakt took the stage. In the years that followed we have kept entertaining our audience with a series of remarkable events. This time we will celebrate our anniversary
by offering you 2 big talents from our brother country, the Swedish acts Cryo and Kopfer Kat, both signed to the quality label Progress Productions.

Cryo played at Faust (the new Faust) in 2010 and supported Punto Omega in 2007, so it's about time they come back to Copenhagen and show us their new tricks. Since their last visit, Cryo have released 2 strong albums: Hidden Aggression and the brand new Retropia, which is probably their best effort ever, an album is packed with catchy, melodic songs, titles like In "In Your Eyes", "Believer" and "Too Much". Cryo received a lot of great reviews around the world for "Retropia", some even going as far as to call the
album a masterpiece.

Besides that, Cryo opened for Covenant in January last year, and in May they will support Mesh in Leipzig. There is no doubt that Cryo will deliver a great and energetic show when they return to our shores in April. For the people who don't know Cryo, one could say they sound a bit like a mixture of Front 242 and Covenant.

Kopfer Kat:
Kopfer Kat will play their first show ever in Denmark at our anniversary party. Kopfer Kat relased their debut album "Skrammelpop" in 2010. A rather overlooked and underrated album in the Power Noise/Rhythm'n'Noise genre, despite being packed with great danceable tunes.

Kopfer Kat played last year at the Coma festival in Oslo, Norway and according to the infamous DJ Caligari (Hellfire Club/The Black Cat) Kopfer Kat played one hell of a show, some of the best noise he has ever heard. Listen to tracks like "2mt", "Distroyer", and "Planet Noise" and you'll catch the virus too. Kopfer Kat will please fans of Synapscape, Sonar, Winterkälte, and Iszoloscope!