Dark Market 2014

Club Braincorp and Danish Electro

Lør 02 Aug KL 14:00 Fri entrÉ
Club Braincorp and Danish Electro are proud to present Dark Market Festival 2014.

Dark Market is a yearly event that summons the alternative scene in a daylong festival with a marketplace where you can find all sorts of alternative, weird, cool and fantastic stuff.

Dark Market Festival 2014 will take place at Krudttønden in Copenhagen and as something new this years market is to be a mini festival with a lot of live music on stage throughout the day and DJs in-between the bands.

Mark the date in your calendar and show up to a great day of music, good bargains and cool people.

The bands on stage are:

Tzolk'in describe their music as 'Ritual soundtrack to the phantoms of a dead civilization inspired by maya/azteque mythologies and divination systems'. The band mingles tribal electronic soundscapes with live drums thus delivering a very dynamic, rhythmic music.
The band consists of Nicolas van Meirhaeghe, also well known from Empusae and previously This Morn' Omina, and Gwenn Tremorin who is also known from the project Flint Glass.
Read more about Tzolk'in here:

Empusae is an experimental solo project by Nicolas van Meirhaeghe that encompasses a large variety of electronic soundscapes and expressions, from the very dark and sinister to the more light and playful.
Read more about Empusae here:

Die Weisse Rose
Die Weisse Rose combines electronical elements, fieldrecordings and real instruments through an optic that resembles a kaleidoscopical view of history, thus making the music of Die Weisse Rose as indebted to the History Channel and litterature as they are to Throbbing Gristle and Richard Wagner. The style is a mixture of Martial, NeoFolk and old school industrial.
Check out their Facebook page for more info:

Holm/Mirland describes their music as minimal industrial, inspired by the likes as Cabaret Voltaire, Kraftwerk, Clock DVA and The Klinik. Holm/Mirland released their debut-album "Europa Machine" last year and this will be their first concert i Copenhagen.
Read more agot Holm/Mirland here:

State of Mind
Electronica/synth rock band consisting of Kim Bonfils, who is - among other bands - also known from his time in Det Neodepressionistiske Danseorkester (DND), that made quite an impact on the alternative Danish music scene in the '80's. State of Mind combines singer/songwriter tradition and lo fi electronica, inspired by the likes of Daniel Johnston, Brian Eno, Leonard Cohen, and Serge Gainsbourg.
Visit State Of Minds Facebook page for more information:

Rainscape is a dark industrial project by Niels Rønne, also known from :Of The Wand & The Moon: and Flemming Kaspersen from Delayscape. The instrumental music mixes synth experiments, old school industrial and electro with a melancholic touch.
Check out Rainscape's Soundcloud page for examples: