CTC Fringe Festival 2016

Copenhagen Theatre Circle

Tor 26 Maj - Lør 28 Maj kl 19:30 EntrÉ 50 kr
Tickets are now available from our tickets page. The ticket price is 50 DKR per night. The ticket gives access to all plays on the chosen date and for that night only.

CTC Fringe Festival 2016
Three nights. Ten plays. Twelve directors. Join us for music, drama and suspense when Copenhagen Theatre Circle stages its second Fringe Festival: a series of one-act plays showcasing upcoming directors, playwrights and actors over three nights of solid entertainment.

The plays

Thursday 26 May 2016

Revenant by Marco Nicoletti
Directed by Philippe Cabasset
A live stage reading that allows the audience to discover the story of Jacquot who went missing several years earlier. Even though he acts strangely and looks different, his parents still love him. Is he really the one who went missing? The show is articulated by reading and recording scenes.
Lena Bjerregaard
Micah Epstein
Alun Thomas
and the voices of Caroline Rabaliatti and Sébastien Pruneta

Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon
Directed by Annelie Lund
Inspired by Brighton Beach Memoirs, this play focuses on Nora and what it's like to be a teenager with a creative dream during the Depression in New York.
Laurie: Astrid Lund
Nora: Silke Thorsager
Blanche: Annelie Lund

Brian's Self Belief by Eric Maganga
Directed by Eric Maganga
In this coming of age story, an insecure brother learns to navigate through romantic interests and value himself as a person with the help of a boisterous sister. For all the strong silent types!
Franceso Lombardi
Laone Tsimakoko
Nicoletta Leo
Astrid Lund

Before Breakfast by Eugene O'Neill
Directed by Federica Genovese
In this monologue, a 30-year-old woman, worn out by years of unhappy marriage, vents her frustration while preparing breakfast. Her dramatic outburst will lead to unexpected consequences.
Mrs Rowland: Seraina Nett
Alfred: Nino Burini

Friday 27 May 2016

The Sandalwood Box by Mac Wellman
Directed by Carlos Calvo
A comedy that follows student Marsha Gates, whose voice mysteriously disappeared "by an act of the Unseen" on a trip to an unrecognisable, oneiric and tropical Amager. On this journey, she will move from seeking comfort in petty, literal thinking to confronting some of the big metaphysical questions of all times, spurred on by encounters which defy a linear perception of reality.
Lapdiang Syiem
Kristen Flanagan
Carlos Calva
Eva Pérez
Kristian Tangvik
Sound design: Kristian Tangvik
Assistant Director: Eva Pérez

Waiter To The Rescue by Sajjad Paul
Directed by Sajjad Paul
When Malik realises that he has totally forgotten about his anniversary while in a fancy restaurant, he quickly tips the waiter a bit extra for some extra services as his wingman to get him out of this crisis. Good idea - or is it? Well, it's too late to go back now anyway.
Sajjad Paul
Astrid Lund
Lars Max

A Rose Would Still Smell Sweet by Anna Pliachkounova
Directed by Anna Pliachkounova
What's in a name? Everything and nothing! When we care, the name is dear and personal. When we don't, the name is a mere abstraction. Two women, two roses, two different lives, two different histories and yet…
Layla: Nicoletta Leo
Juliet: Irina Norberg
Sheherezade: Bani Gill

Saturday 28 May 2016

Unknown title by unknown author
Directed by Rachel Kador and Nicole Wardell
More details to come.
Rachel Kador
Nicole Wardell

The Bond by Amy Lowell and Robert Frost, adapted for the stage by Walter Wykes
Directed by Roxzan Bowes
White waves. Dazzling snow. Dishes aren't a home. Three women's stories entwine as they each attempt to break free from their isolated country lives.
Maggie: Malene Ford
June: Liubov Aleksandrova
Ruth: Roxzan Bowes

#Wonderland by Seraina Nett, Sara Juntunen and cast, inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland
Directed by Seraina Nett and Sara Juntunen
"We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice. "You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here."
Alice: Ella Hardy
Cheshire Cat: Gizem Mutlu
Other Characters #1: Kristen Flanagan
Other Characters #2: Heini Haapaniemi