Urban Dance Festival 2016

Tor 10 Nov KL 18:00 EntrÉ 40 KR / Dance Participants 30 kr
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CLASHcph Urban Dance Festival 2016
As part of the CLASHcph Urban Dance Festival 2016, CLASHcph is inviting all hiphop, house, popping or any other urban dance style artists to participate in Urban Spirit Showcase Competition.

Whether you have a full performance, a freestyle showcase, show in the making or a choreography, you all represent the Urban Spirit and the opportunity to share your creation this evening.

The performance should be:
- Between 3-6 min
- Maximum 5 dancers

Urban Spirit will take place at Krudttønden and your creation will take place on the raw dance floor (3.3mX4.4m) with 3 judges internationally known for their performances.

- Rashaad Hasani (USA)
- Theresa Gustavsson (Sweden)
- Anastasija Olescuka (Latvia/Denmark)

Host: Ryan Webb & Ayub Ali Abdulkadir

Winner Prize:
2000 DKK

Sign up with your piece at, latest November 7th. Please include title, choreographer and length of show, number of dancers and a short description of your performance. The music should be send in latest November 7th as well.

This event is open for everyone as participants or as audience.
We look forward to share this evening with you!

Find more information about CLASHcph Urban Dance Festival 2016 here:

Find more about our partner Urban Artistry (US) here:

Sponsors and partners of the festival:
Urban Artistry (Urban Artistry, An International Culture and Education Project), Blågården, Ideal Bar, Urban House Copenhagen, the American embassy in Denmark, Hip Hop Hub (supported by the Nordea Fund), Østerbro lokaludvalg, Byens Puls, Jetzt&immer - Graphic Design, Afuk, Eja Klai Print, NIXONBUI, Krudttønden, Thomas P. Hejle, Hotstepper, Flow Dance Academy Copenhagen, GAME Streetmekka København, Danish Red Cross.