The Woman in Black


Ons 24 Okt - Lør 24 Nov
MAN - FRE KL 20.00
LØR KL 17.00
EntrÉ 175 KR - 40 kr
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Gripping ghost stories on stage are few and far between, but this is one of them.
The Woman in Black is an immaculate example of Gothic horror that builds to its climax with the slow purposeful precision of an Edwardian clock. It has all the ingredients: Isolated marshland, a spectre seeking vengeance for the death of her young child and things that go bump in the night.

This is a quietly shudder-some ghost story capable of chilling the flesh of the most hardened horror fanatic. Arthur Kipps, a middle-aged solicitor, hires a theatre and the services of a professional actor to help him re-enact and hopefully exorcise a ghostly event that befell him many years earlier with horrifyingly tragic results.
Don’t come alone.

Medvirkende: Ian Burns, Benjamin Stender, Christina Hildebrandt
Instruktør: Barry McKenna
Written by Susan Hill and adapted for the stage by Stephen Mallatratt