Animal Farm 4kids

Tor 09 Maj KL 19:00
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Animal Farm 4 kids
Animal Farm 4 kids is an open day performance by children inspired by George Orwell’s novella. The show was developed in Dance and Drama International (DDI) workshops conducted by Anu Rajala Erkut and Delia Trice and held in ISH, International School of Hellerup and at Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek.

Aadya, Aarav, Ahana, Alma, Anagha, Aria, Ayaan, Beatriz, Chloe, Christopher, Ella, Federico, Jonatan, Joude, Juno, Mara, Marlene, Maryam, Matias, Pranit, Selina, Sarah, William.

Directing, final text and choreographies 
Anu Rajala Erkut and Delia Trice Technician and light design Paul Damade

Scenography and costumes were created in collaboration with Olivia Ragni, Lucia Dell’Amura, Monica Johnson, Shilpa Mahajan, Mayuri Unhale in a wonderful group of volunteering parents. Special thanks to all the kind staff at Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek.