Romeo and Juliet

The FP Theatre Company

Tor 02 Okt - Lør 11 Okt kl 20:00
Spiller ikke 3 og 8 OKT
EntrÉ 100 kr
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Romeo and Juliet, the Sequel: A musical comedy about Jews and Muslims in love

I denne engelsksprogede musical comedy er Romeo en midaldrende jøde og Juliet en ung muslimsk kvinde. Shakespeare it aint.
Shakespeare it aint!

Romeo is a middle-aged Jew. Juliet is a Muslim in her early twenties. Just as in Shakespeare's tragedy, they fall in love at first sight, and their struggle to be together explores the theme of love conquering feudal differences. But that's pretty much where the similarities end. Set in a contemporary, metropolitan city somewhere in Europe, Roger and Jaida fall in love, do a few song and dance numbers, and poke gentle fun at everything within sight in this zany, bawdy, irreverent comedy.

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