Carsten Dahl solo
+ Carsten Dahl med Sympathy orchestra

Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2009

Ons 08 Jul KL 20:00 EntrÉ 80 kr
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Carsten Dahl
Any attempt to give a brief description of Dahl's musical style would have to be quickly abandoned. Here is a musician with no desire to tie himself down to any one form or genre - a musician who can move unimpeded from the bebop tradition via completely free improvisation to classical music.
He played drums since the age of nine, and subsequently studied for two years at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. In the course of his studies, however, the drums were set aside in favour of the piano - an instrument in which he has never received training.
Today, Dahl records for the venerable Deutsche Grammophone and Verve labels, and is one of the most popular jazz pianists around. He has played both with leading Danish musicians and with top foreign artists: Benny Golson, Eddie Gomez, Ed Thigpen, Joe Lovano and many others.
Although Dahl trained as a bebop musician, modelling himself on Bud Powell and Winton Kelly, he tries to relate openly to many diverse forms of musical expression. For him, bebop is merely a basic tool - a language and a tradition - which always colours his musical style, whether he is playing standards, free jazz or classical music.

Sympathy Orchestra
Sympathy Orchestra was made at a concert last year in Copenhagen Jazzhouse. Pianist, Carsten Dahl put together some of the greatest Danish musicians, in what he call's, a spiritual and musical vision, going and pointing into a lyrical and abstract music - but with the idea of spreading the "good message" and merely to manifest the right to be a free and abstract thinking artist in a world of superficial and partial arrangements all over.
We tend to forget the essence of the necessity to express the qualities of being human and our deepest wish of all: TO FLY!
In this very expressive quartet it's all right - there! Waves of pulse, beautiful themes, silence and strong chaos and its all being, so well interpenetrated and played by the four greats in the band. Watch out - it comes from all sides at you - and from within. WOW!

Carsten Dahl: Piano and Percussion
Jesper Zeuthen: Alto sax
Nils "Bosse" Davidsen: Bass
Stefan Pasborg: Drums