Grupo Danson

Cubansk musik

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Award winning Grupo Danson is the Top Best Latin Band in Scandinavia. Playing Cuban traditional Son mixing Timba, Latin Jazz and Rumba, resulting in a great contemporary sound. The music makes the audience dance and sing, creating a fantastic warm atmosphere and a great party!

In 2001 a promising young Cuban trombonist Carlos Perez put together some of the best salsa musicians in Denmark creating Grupo Danson and its unique sound based on the passionate love for music and the cultural meeting between two very different cultures; the Scandinavian and the Latin.

Grupo Danson initially focused on Son, the backbone of Cuban Salsa and the traditional sound in which Cuban music has its roots. This gave the band its fundament and a common understanding of their musical direction. Soon they started adding the Timba-feel to their music and the group is now one of Europe´s Best Timba Bands.

Today Grupo Danson represents a wide range of musical genres from salsa to jazz. Mastering both the swingy, traditional Cuban music such as the Son-Montuno and the Cha-Cha-Cha, as well as the more contemporary grooves and rhythms.

In 2005, out of collaboration with the great Cuban trumpet, singer and composer Alexander Abreu, some great songs became the definitive sound for Grupo Danson. These songs became part of the debut release "Mi Música" which also contains original compositions made by Carlos Pérez, Mia Engsager and Cuban troubadour Alexis Mendez. The title track "Mi Musica", won the prestigious Djembe Award for "Best World Track of 2005".

For next year the group plans yet another collaboration; this time, with famous electric bassist and composer Alain Pérez. And the result will be a new album from the band.

These collaborations give the band a creative flexibility and musical enrichment. Taking their work to another level, and their musical expression stronger.

Grupo Danson live is explosive! Their music gets even greater with an audience. There are set to make you dance with their music, charged with percussion improvisations along with fantastic horns rifts- the experience is unique! Pure Cuban music with a twist of Latin Jazz, and 100% danceable!

Carlos Pérez - trombone, vocals, arrangement, director.
Yasser Morejon - Bass, vocals and arrangement.
Rune Thorsteisson - Piano.
Jakob Johansen - Trombone, vocal.
Tony Moreaux Charon - Drums.
Jose Espinosa - Timbales.
Peter Ehler - Congas.
Ernesto Manuitt - Vocal.
Signe Asmussen - Vocals, perc.

Album: "Mi Música" - 2005