Life n’ Shit

The Oddball Theatre Company

Tor 17 Sep - Tir 29 Sep kl 20:00 EntrÉ 100 KR / BØRN OG PENSIONISTER 50 kr SPILLEDAGE: TOR 17, FRE 18, LØR 19, SØN 20, ONS 23, TOR 24, FRE 25, LØR 26, MAN 28, TIR 29 SEP
Billetter sælges i døren og i Krudttønden 35 42 83 62

Come and meet Mr and Mrs God as they introduce five acts written by local writers and one composer all of different ethnic backgrounds. You'll learn the truth about birth, free will, money, mid-life, marriage, sex and death. Or if you don't, at least, you'll be entertained while trying. It's a musical. It's a comedy. It's Life n' Shit.