Tor 22 Apr - Tor 29 Apr
LØR-SØN KL 16.00
EntrÉ 120 KR / STUDERENDE 100 kr
Billetter sælges i døren.

Copenhagen Theatre Circle this season will boldly be presenting David Hare's The Blue Room based on Reigen, a series of scenes depicting sexual liasons written by Dr. Arthur Schnitzler in 1896. In Hare's retelling, the story remains the same, ten characters fall in and out of bed with each other, never quite finding fulfillment. It is a sexual relay race starting with a prostitute having sex with a cab driver who then has sex with an au pair girl and so on until we have encountered characters from every level of society. Each individual passes on to the next sexual encounter an essence of the former, and possibly an STD. Though simple, the dialogue is witty and reveals something of the human condition under the most heightened of circumstances. As in Reigen and the 1950s film version La Ronde, the circle closes when, in the final scene, the Aristocrat meets the Prostitute from the first, and the dance has come full circle. In the words of The Daily Telegraph "It's pure theatrical Viagra."

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