The House of Yes

A dark comedy of sex, siblings and assassination

Ons 06 Okt - Lør 16 Okt
TIR - LØR KL 19.30
SØN KL 16.30
EntrÉ 120 kr
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The House of Yes
A dark comedy of sex, siblings and assassination.

It's 20 years since the assassination of President Kennedy and a hurricane rages outside. The old Pascal Mansion in Washington D.C. hides more than one dark and loathsome secret in its rotten heart.

Marty arrives home for Thanksgiving with the unwanted fiancé Lesly. Will it be all too much for his "sensitive" twin sister Jackie O?
While little brother Anthony tries in his own way to help the situation Mrs. Pascal, their Mother, seeks to manipulate it. When the power fails the whole atmosphere takes on an eerie quality and candlelight casts long shadows across the scene and we must ask who is watching us in through the darkness?

This modern black comedy has all the twists and turns of a Jacobean Tragedy coupled with the horror of an Edgar Allen Poe tale of mystery and imagination.

The Copenhagen Theatre Circle present in English "The House of Yes" by Wendy MacLeod, directed by Reumert winner Barry McKenna.