Alter Der Ruine (US) + DJ´s

Club Braincorp

Fre 03 Jun KL 22:00 EntrÉ 80 kr
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Alter der Ruine don't claim to be much, but rather let their music and presence do the talking for them. In four short years they have played over 100 shows, toured the United States four times, released 3 full length albums as well as 3 EPs and have numerous remix credits to their name. Along with international appearances and festival headlining slots the trio of Mike J., Mike T. and Jacob R. haven't shown any signs of slowing down.

They are not ones to fall into tradition be it in writing or performing. The music is a mashup of electro, digital hardcore, industrial and house and while it ranges in style the sound remains unified and coherent, held together by the members who push it forward. The live aspect is kinetic in its ferocity. Alter der Ruine utilize two wireless keyboard players and live drums to create a high energy experience.

Because of the live setup ADR has no gear to hide behind and instead force themselves onto the crowd. Interaction is inevitable and word is spreading that they are a live show to be reckoned with.