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Five veteran musicians from the Danish rock and pop scene have joined together to form Juruda Music. With over 20 years in the business and coming from international groups as Simcess, Blink, Zauce, Big Bang and Silvertone - Juruda Music brings together an amazing set of talent to create its unique blend of pop, rock, and folk.

Juruda and Lars Boutrup are the driving force behind Juruda Music, which also includes Soren Dall on bass, Spike Nior on drums and Jacob Roenne on guitar.

Through the years, several members of Juruda Music have also worked in different genres, creating music for film and television.

Debut album The Magic Queen
"The Magic Queen" is Juruda Music´s debut album. It contains nine songs about love, life, and wonder. Lyrics and music are written in collaboration between lead singer Juruda and keyboardist Lars Boutrup.

Music and mood
Juruda Music is smooth pop/rock with wide keyboard sounds, tight drums, bass and guitar. Woven through it all is the soft clean vocals of Juruda which flows straight to the heart. The songs are a unique mix between pop and rock with a hint of folk, all wrapped in a new age kind of laid-back style.

What Iwo Jima plays can best be described as cross-over rock mixed with elements of pop and indie rock. The Copenhagen based band is currently adding a new dimension to the Danish music scene with their own groundbreaking style. The band has been together for two years and the five members are as different as their individual musical approach and that shows in the music. Even though they refuse to put a label on their genre the core is definitely rock 'n' roll. Behind catchy radio-rock and heavy riffs hides vulnerable lyrics about love, war, injustice and self-importance. This is a band to experience, especially live where the audience is blown away and hearts are set aflame. Iwo Jima emphasizes musical diversity and aren't afraid to take chances. They describe themselves the best with the words: "If it sounds good we'll play it."