Synapscape (D) + DJ's

Club Braincorp. Præsenterer

Fre 10 Feb KL 22:00 EntrÉ 80 kr
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Synapscape was formed in the beginning of the 90s and has released 10 albums on the famous label ant-zen. Through the years the band has released quality album after quality album, and besides that Synapscape is considered one of the biggest Power Electronic/Power Noise acts along with names like Iszoloscope, W.A.S.T.E and Winterkälte.

Synapscape's sound can best be described as something like Power Electronic/Power Noise meets Industrial/EBM with some IDM influences featuring a slightly distorted vocal; a very danceable and club friendly sound for the harsh audience. Through the years Synapscape has created some great club hits like "How Do You Feel", "The Hoe", "Katunga", "Who Painted My Cat Black" and "Ahuenna". The new album "Traits" - which was released a few months ago - shows another side of Synapscape. Somehow "Traits" is a bit more melodic than Synapscape's previous material, but it's still packed with harsh and danceable music. It's a great new release that shows how a band can develop from album to album.

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