Ons 22 Feb - Lør 24 Mar
MAN - FRE KL 20.00
LØR KL 17.00
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Shakespeare Unplugged
An interactive collection of some of Shakespeare's poetry about that crazy & complex thing called love….

Two friends meet in a bar to watch Denmark versus England in the football finals. (It is fiction folks!) A power cut shuts off the TV connection and they have to resort to a clockwork radio. Not finding the match they stumble across a broadcast of A Midsummer Night´s Dream, which is ending. They get engrossed and begin to chat about Shakespeare and their relationship with him. They relate to the audience as if they too are punters in the bar and gradually morph into "Rude Mechanicals" - humble players from the Chamberlain's and King's Men who closely worked with Shakespeare himself. The barman is in love, but shy and in need of inspiration…

A fun and enchanting way of enjoying Shakespeare's universal appeal.

With Ian Burns, Andrew Jeffers, Adam Brix and Vibeke Nielsen.
Directed by a man who has shown his understanding and feel for Shakespeare with his previous well-received and award-winning Shakespearian productions, Barry McKenna.

We are excited to present what is a world premiere for you.

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