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Fre 15 Feb KL 22:00 EntrÉ 110 kr
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Club Braincorp. will start 2013 with a blast and a royal visit: Leæther Strip is back in Copenhagen! In May 2009, when we hosted his first Copenhagen concert in 16 years, Leæther Strip played a packed venue.

He did it again last year when he played with DAF. All in all, this time will only be Leæther Strip's fourth concert in our city in 20 years, so you will not want to miss it!

This time Leæther Strip has promised us to play some kind of a "best of" show, so we will have a blast.

Leæther Strip:
The Danish EBM project Leæther Strip (Claus Larsen) was formed in 1989. Afterwards he got signed to the now-defunct label Zoth Ommog, who released his first 12-inch, "Japanese Bodies", which became big club hit.

Leæther Strip has released lot of remarkable albums throughout the '90s like "Solitary Confinement", "Underneath the Laughter", "Legacy of Hate and Lust", "The Rebirth of Agony" and "Self-Inflicted". After a long break the comeback album "After the Devastation", and in 2009 "Ængelmaker" which also brought Leæther Strip back on the live scene after a 16-year break.

Leæther Strip is without a doubt the band who not only created the music genre known as Dark Electro, but also took the EBM genre much further. Leæther Strip's music has been acknowledged as a huge inspiration for a lot of bands in the scene. Without him the sound of EBM as we know it today would be very different!

At the moment we are working on a support band for our king.

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