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Ons 20 Feb - Lør 23 Mar
MAN - FRE KL 20.00
LØR KL 17.00
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That Theatre Company proudly presents a world premiere.

Exciting.Fascinating. Complex. Eternal.

London. 1613. The Globe Theatre has just burnt down.
Shakespeare, having retired, is asked to return from Stratford-Upon-Avon to try and pull a phoenix from the ashes. He is unwell but agrees to write a new play for the reopening of his theatre. He is burnt-out himself, lacks inspiration & is reluctant to collaborate on Two Noble Kinsmen based on A Knight's Tale, a story from Chaucer's' epic, The Canterbury Tales with John Fletcher, a new dramatist and star in the theatre world.

Shakespeare needs to find a way of making this story his own and he searches for a new character in order to do so. "It's always the women" he says to himself as he faces the blank page. He turns to his earlier plays and in the process some of the women his poetic quill created appear and interact with him.

Shakespeare opened the depths of women's nature, beside exquisite emotion; terrible passions sometimes play their dangerous and fatal part.

This production is a continuation of our Shakespeare experiment and to give our audience a sense of the sights and sounds of his world.

The script will be available on our website before Christmas. We expect the play to last approximately 75/80 minutes without an interval.

Christiane Bjørg-Nielsen, Linda Elvira & Ian Burns
Director: Barry McKenna