The Beach

The Nordic Theatre Company and Rear View Theatre

Tir 02 Apr - Fre 12 Apr kl 20:00
MAN - FRE KL 20.00
SØN KL 16.00
EntrÉ 165 kr Ticket price: 165 kr
Elderly: 110 kr
Youth under 25 years: 110 kr
Institutions: 90 kr
Groups of eight people and above: 135 kr
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The Nordic Theatre Company and Rear View Theatre are proud to present,

The Beach by Peter Asmussen.

We are excited to give theatre goers in Copenhagen the opportunity to see one of Denmark's most successful modern plays, translated and now performed in English. "I'm going to tell you just what a crap place you've ended up in. There's fuck all to do. If you want to have fun, you'll have to make it yourself"

In a deserted hotel on the coast, two couples meet for the first time.
Together, they are forced to confront the absurdity and loneliness of their mundane lives. But year after year they find themselves returning, drawn back to one another and the freedom of their isolated world.

From the Internationally acclaimed writer of Lars von Trier's Breaking the Waves, The Beach is a strange, intimate and tender comedy about the depths of love and four personalities creaking under the strain of old wounds.

The Nordic Theatre company was set up in London by two Scandinavian actors and director's. The aims of the company are to promote and preserve Scandinavian literature and drama, classical as well as modern and to bring such works to a wider audience.

"The Nordic Theatre Company exemplifies what is best about modern Scandinavia. Youthful, energetic and immensely skilled; they are ideally placed to provide new interpretations of the rich literary and dramatic heritage of Scandinavia to English speaking audiences. They are most welcome and deserve support." Sir Bryan Sanderson CBE.

Rear View Theatre is a new, fresh company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our mission is to create unforgettable theatre that moves and inspires.
We are very happy to have the rare opportunity of bringing the work of one of Denmark's most successful modern writers to the stage. It is not often that English speaking audiences have the opportunity to see a successful Danish play, performed in English. The play is a great take on Modern Danish living and offers a unique insight into the lives of four interesting characters. With much fun and discovery along the way you are taken on an exciting journey that spans four years.

Duration of the play is 1h 50min including 20 min break