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Ons 25 Okt - Lør 25 Nov
MAN - FRE KL 20.00
LØR KL 17.00
EntrÉ 40 KR - 165 kr
Billetter sælges gennem / 7020 2096


Frank is bored with teaching undergraduate English students, despairing of his ambition to be a poet, he reflects morosely on his life. And then Rita walks in. A 29 year old married hairdresser who has decided to take control of her life and earn herself an education. Rita's brash honesty and Frank's deep intellect spark each other as they both begin to wake up to life in their own way. Willy Russell's award-winning and hugely popular play is an uplifting tale of self-discovery, where we witness how the power of choice comes through education. It's never too late to change your life.

SCRIPT Willy Russell
DIRECTOR Barry McKenna
CAST Ian Burns & Dawn Wall